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Because You’re Not These Women

8 Jul

To be fair – and fairness is a very important journalistic ethic – I thought I should do a counterpart to my fellow blogger’s post.  Because you’re not these women…this is why you’re single.

While watching a recent episode of Entourage where E’s extremely whiney, needy and annoying girlfriend Ashley listens to his voicemail unbeknownst to him, I came to understand why men find needy women annoying.

I found myself saying, “Why is E dating this girl?  I want him to dump her so I don’t have to watch her anymore or I’m going to poke my eyes out.”

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Because You’re Not These Guys

28 Jun

Not too long ago, we (the four female authors of this blog) sat down around a coffee table, mixed drinks in hand, talking about all the guys we would love to be with, if only the stars would align and make our wildest dreams come true.

Granted, since that talk, our wildest dreams have yet to be realized, but we haven’t given up hope that one day one of these guys – or their  incredibly sexy, significantly less famous look-alikes – will walk into our lives and sweep us off our feet.

Until then, feast your eyes on some of the incredible men women think about when they should be thinking about you.

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