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Because You Don’t Know The Obvious Answers to Certain Questions

28 Jun

Q: Do you think I’m pretty?

Wrong answer: Sure.

Right answer: You’re gorgeous.

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Because Texting Us That Often Makes Us Want To Claw Our Eyes Out

11 Jun

Step away from the BlackBerry.

Ever seen those TV shows where the woman stands in front of the judge asking for a restraining order against her crazed, obsessive ex-boyfriend?

Well, that’s what your relationship is going to turn into if you keep up those obnoxious, obsessive text messages.

You know the ones: “Hey! How was your day?” or “Just heard a song on the radio and thought of you” or our personal favorite, “Just wanted to say good night.”  In small, controlled doses, text messages like this are cute, sweet, considerate.  And as your relationship continues, these texts are appropriate. Continue reading

Because You Think You’re Too Good For Everyone

1 Jun

He thinks he’s George Clooney, when in reality he’s Curious George. She thinks she’s Heidi Klum, but really she’s Olive Oyl (Popeye’s girlfriend).

We’ve all met, maybe even dated, this mama’s boy, daddy’s little princess or God’s gift to the world. However, this picky dater doesn’t often get a second date because they’re too good for you – or so they think.

This person is looking for the Holy Grail of significant others. Even though this person isn’t perfection personified, they aren’t willing to settle and they want everyone to know it. They are not stopping until they have their perfect husband or wife sitting down to a delicious dinner with their 2.5 children in their flawlessly massive mansion surrounded by precisely manicured shrubs and a white picket fence.

Stop being so picky. You’re not perfect either.

…this is why you’re single.