Because Texting Us That Often Makes Us Want To Claw Our Eyes Out

11 Jun

Step away from the BlackBerry.

Ever seen those TV shows where the woman stands in front of the judge asking for a restraining order against her crazed, obsessive ex-boyfriend?

Well, that’s what your relationship is going to turn into if you keep up those obnoxious, obsessive text messages.

You know the ones: “Hey! How was your day?” or “Just heard a song on the radio and thought of you” or our personal favorite, “Just wanted to say good night.”  In small, controlled doses, text messages like this are cute, sweet, considerate.  And as your relationship continues, these texts are appropriate.

But it’s when your relationship is in its infancy (we’re talking four dates or fewer) that texts like these rank at the top of our 21 Ways to Make a Girl Run in the Other Direction list.

It may start off sweet.  She’ll see you’ve texted her, read it, and say, “That’s really cute.  He totally likes me.  He wants to see how my day was.”  She may tell her friends, and they’ll congratulate her on finding such a great guy.

But it’s going to go downhill quickly from there.  Trust us.  And that’s because we’ve all dated that person.  The one where every time they text you, you visibly cringe.  And no one enjoys getting texts like that.

So don’t be surprised if two weeks into your lovey-dovey text message barrage she sends a response that runs somewhere along the lines of, “I’m really sorry, but I think we’re just meant to be friends.”

Yes, you’ve been dealt the “just friends” line.  And to make it worse, it was via text.

…this is why you’re single.


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